Zombie Panic in Wonderland Plus


Zombies have invaded Wonderland. Kill them!


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Zombie Panic in Wonderland Plus is an iOS mobile version of the excellent Zombie Panic in Wonderland (minus the 'Plus'), which was ranked the number one most downloaded game for several weeks, when it was made available in Nintendo's WiiWare digital platform.

The objective of the game comes down to killing all the zombies and enemies that get in your way. Your character is shown in the foreground of the screen, giving its back to you, while you move it horizontally to dodge any attacks that come your way. Your shotgun's aim is controlled with your finger, helping you eliminate all of your enemies.

You can choose from any different setting and characters, although you'll have to pay to unblock them. You can, however, try all three different game modes (adventure, arcade and survival) without having to spend any money.

The game's graphics is without a doubt one of its most striking feature. Despite it being developed by a Spanish studio, it's detailed anime aesthetics make it very attractive.

Zombie Panic in Wonderland Plus is a very entertaining game whose only 'inconvenience' is that you will have to spend large amounts of money if you want to fully enjoy it. Which is, on the other hand, quite normal...